Now then, I don’t like to throw around the word hate like confetti buuuuuut I hated Koh Phi Phi.

Prepare yourself for a bit of a sassy, negative post.

Following a scary af boat journey, I arrived into Koh Phi Phi and instantly wasn’t a fan. I accepted that I felt poorly from the journey, I was hungover and had a lil sunstroke so for the time being I put it down to me just being ratty and impatient.

Once we dropped our bags I headed out for food with one of the girls I’d met. Food solves everything, right!? I felt exhausted from the morning so I headed back to my room afterwards and slept. When I woke up and saw that it was getting dark out I was annoyed that I’d missed out on an afternoon in Phi Phi. Turns out there wasn’t much to miss at all.

I went out for food and a few drinks down the beach that night with a few of the people from my group, the evening was nice and chilled. The following morning I went for breakfast and a mooch around some shops before heading out on a snorkelling and kayaking trip in the afternoon. There are some lovely shops but don’t expect to find a bargain, the shopkeepers won’t really knock their prices. The food isn’t much to rave about either, I’ve read mixed reviews about Phi Phi but all say that the food as a whole on the island isn’t that great. Comparing the food here to the food on the other islands, I’d agree.

We went to Monkey Island and Bamboo Island on our trip that afternoon, both were lovely. Monkey Island was dead cute, you couldn’t leave anything on shore because the monkeys are little sh*ts. Adorable though. Unfortunately we weren’t able to visit Maya Bay on this trip as it’s closed this year between June and September to mend years of environmental damage, according to The Guardian 5,000 people visited Maya Bay daily.

To say I didn’t think much of Phi Phi, it was the place where I got my first tattoo! Some of the girls found a lovely looking tattoo studio (Skull tattoo studio), I checked them out on Instagram beforehand and I went with girls who had tattoos done previously so they could spot any red flags! I got good vibes from the place so I went with it.

‘Go with the flow of it all. Trust the universe, trust that everything happens for a reason, trust that you are exactly where you’re meant to be in your life. Ride that wave.’

To summarize, other islands have better beaches, better parties, better prices. Koh Phi Phi was overpriced and overcrowded.

Next it was time to head over to Koh Phangan for the famous Full Moon Party!

Lots of love


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