We left the hustle and bustle of Bangkok behind and arrived on Railay Beach, which is what I can only describe as paradise with it’s white beaches, clear seas and limestone cliffs.

On our first evening here we headed to Phra Nang beach to watch the sunset, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. I felt so relaxed, Bangkok seemed a distant memory. We stayed at the Railay Viewpoint Resort on Railay East, we had cute two-story huts and there was one one room on each floor. It was lovely accommodation, for £11 a night too – bargain! There’s lots of restaurants and choices of accommodation on Railay East, it doesn’t have a proper beach but Railay isn’t that big so it’s not a long walk at all to Phra Nang beach.

Throughout the trip we took countless boats to and from and around the islands. The following day we headed to Koh Poda, Tup Island and Chicken Island. All were gorj but Koh Poda was my fave, before the rain came down!

Chicken Island – There’s colourful long-tail boats everywhere

Limestone cliffs at Phra Nang beach

The second night in Railay me and a few of the others in the group went out and ended up out out, Railay isn’t really a party place but there’s a few decent bars on Railay East. I lost my English SIM card (which is where the bad luck began) and woke up having about 2 hours sleep, before having to get a boat to Koh Phi Phi – rookie move. As we were on the boat a storm came in hard and it was major scary, it felt like something from my nightmares. I felt poorly as it was but the seasickness did me in, I think the journey was just under 2 hours but I completely lost sense of time on that boat. TIP: If you go to Thailand in the rainy season, don’t forget your travel bands and tablets!

I was sad to leave Railay Beach but I was so relieved when we got off the boat at Koh Phi Phi, for a short while anyway, more about that in my next post.

Lotsa love



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