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T’is officially the season and I couldn’t be happier! Festival season is one I will always look forward to, dancing to live music without a care in the world is my FAVE. Everyone is there to have a good time and let themselves go, the vibes are always good! Last year was the first Parklife I’d been to and it was fab so I was more so looking forward to this year.

I finally got to see The XX, they played on Saturday night as the sun was setting and it felt so magical. I get goosebumps thinking about it! Other highlights would definitely be Tom Misch, Not3s, Annie Mac, Eric Prydz and Carl Cox. We saw Carl Cox last on Sunday, the weekend couldn’t have ended better!!

Crochet dress: Missguided via Depop
Jacket: Missguided
Boots: Dr Martens via Gumtree
Sunglasses: Claire’s Accessories
Earrings: ASOS
Bumbag: eBayThe sun was out for most of the weekend but my feet were in bits by the end because I wore my Dr Martens. Stupidly I didn’t think to take any other footwear options because the mud was horrific last year! Oh well, at least they looked good..

Top: Pretty Little Thing
Bottoms: Boohoo
Sunglasses: Pretty Little Thing
Earrings: No Basic Bombshell

All my love, FG X




Fun fact: these leopard print trousers used to be pyjama bottoms! I cut off the waist tie and used the material to make belt loops.

How much do you love finding bargains in your local charity shops!? This blouse was only £1!!

Top: BHS via charity shop
Trousers: Primark PJ section
Bag, belt & sandals: New Look
Sunglasses: Pretty Little Thing
Earrings: Topshop
Necklace: Accessorize





I LOVE upcycling clothing! I recently jazzed up this denim jacket which I wore in my previous post and I thought I’d share how I did it.

You’ll need:

  • A denim jacket – mine was bought off Depop for £12.00
  • Fabric paint – I used Tulips metallic paint
  • Fringing – for all 4 colours the order cost me £8.00 from eBay
  • Pins, needle, thread and possibly a thimble (Regretfully I didn’t use one and my fingers were sore at the end!)

1) First of all I drew the lightning bolt onto the back of the jacket and then used metallic paint to fill it in, I did 2 coats so it would be brighter.

2) The arms were too long for me, I cut them to a comfortable length so I didn’t have to keep rolling them up.

3) I measured along the arm seam to work out how wide I wanted the fringing to be, I cut each colour of fringing to size and used a single stitch across each one to attach them together to create a row of 4 (red, yellow, green and blue).

4) The fringing was pinned and tacked along the arm seam before I hand sewed along the edge of the fringing band. It doesn’t matter what colour thread is used for this part as it will be hidden anyway!

5) The tacking was undone and I folded the fringing over (as shown in the second image in the collage). I pinned and tacked this down, then hand sewed along the top and bottom of the band using thread which was the same colour as the fringing. This was tough to sew as there was a lot of fabric to sew through – this is the part where a thimble may have been useful! I undid the tacking and that’s one arm done.

6) Complete steps 3-5 again on the opposite arm!

And there we have it, an on-trend, yet original jacket. Perfect for festival season!





This jacket is the perfect festival piece! I jazzed it up myself and I’ll be doing a post about it soon so keep your eyes peeled.

I bargain hunted my Dr Martens last year, I think they were about £35! They were originally bought in 1996 and they’re still going strong.

Tie crop top: ASOS
T-shirt: Pull&Bear
Trousers: Pretty Little Thing
Boots: Dr Martens via Gumtree
Jacket: Topshop via Depop
Sunglasses: Accessorize
Bag: New Look