So recently I did a lil thing, well actually quite a big thing for me. I went to see Sundara Karma by myself! I’m not sure what came over me but a few months ago I had this wave of independence where I was like ‘ah f*ck it, just go sis’. I see people on Instagram going to gigs by themselves all the time so if they can do it, I can right!?

The gig sold out literally a day or two after I bought my ticket so I actually had to go by myself… I won’t lie, I did nearly bail and I put my ticket up for sale on the event Facebook group but they’re a band I’ve wanted to see for ages and I wanted to go to and prove to myself that I could go it alone, so I took down the advert for the ticket and I bloody went!

I felt a bit out of place when I first got there because it was still quite early on and the venue hadn’t fully packed out yet so I was bopping solo to the support acts. But as soon as Sundara Karma came on I literally chucked all cares out the window and had the best time. I chatted to a few people around me and had a lil boogie.

I’m dead proud of myself that I went, it was quite daunting beforehand but there was literally nothing to be worried about. Nobody cared that I was doing my own solo thing and neither did I.

Moral of the story: if the idea of doing something scares you a bit, just go and do it. You’ll feel great about yourself once you’ve done it! In life you regret the things you didn’t do, not the ones you do.

All the love,

Fiery Goddess xo

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