Social media is amazing, our friends are family are at our fingertips. We can contact people whenever we wish, but some things about social media have become predictable and sometimes boring.

We’ve all seen the sunset photos with the caption ‘#nofilter’ or read the statuses of your mums friend bragging about being laid on a bright white beach on a Monday morning instead of being sat in the office. Calm down Sandra, you’ll be back in the office next week.

Sometimes, like now, I struggle to find the benefits of social media, more so Instagram. I go on my phone in my lunch break and before I know it lunch is over and I’ve spent the whole time in a ‘scroll hole’ not absorbing anything I’ve spent the time staring at. It feels mind numbing.

After feeling so frustrated, I’ve taken the decision to step away and go cold turkey… For now. So I’ve logged out and deleted the apps. Bye Felicia.

I’m not sure what I’m expecting from the hiatus but I hope to be less distracted, more productive and more present. Updates to follow.

Love, Fiery Goddess. X

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