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Hey huns,

I’ve made a compilation of all the videos I took whilst I was out in Thailand, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it <3

All the love





We arrived into Koh Phangan on the evening of the Full Moon Party. Fair to say we were shattered after a full day of travelling (two ferries and a plane!) but the tiredness was soon shaken off after a few pre party Chang’s.

If you haven’t heard of or been to the Full Moon Party in Thailand, it’s basically a rave which happens every full moon on Haad Rin beach in Koh Phangnan. It’s backpacker central really. Music wise there’s something for everyone, there’s loads of bars down the beach which play all different genres of music. The drinks all come in buckets, like the ones you’d fill with sand at the beach, but filled with Red Bull (the Thai version), a mixer of your choice and a 300 ml bottle of alcohol. Lethal.

Caught the sunrise on the beach where our hostel was ūüôā

Unfortunately I didn’t get chance to explore Koh Phangnan as the next day was spent blissfully laying by the pool, which was needed as the tour had been so full on so far, aaaaand we were all a lil hungover. The day after we headed over to Koh Samui, I was excited as I’d heard a lot of positive things about the island.

As soon as we got to Koh Samui we headed straight for the beach, a few of us decided to treat ourselves and went to a hotel pool for a bit of luxury and took full advantage of their happy hour, it would be rude not to!? We had no plans for the rest of that day so we just chilled and grabbed some food in the evening.

The day after we went on a boat trip to Ang Thong National Marine Park, on the way I went up to the top deck of the boat and fell asleep for about an hour in the sun. We climbed up to a view point, then kayaked for 15/20 minutes to the next beach and like an idiot I didn’t wear a hat. Can you see where this is going!? When we got to the beach I stayed in the shade because the heat was getting too much and one of the girls said to me ‘Ooh Em your ear looks red’ so I’m like right, hat on, it’s cool.

You’ll soon find out that it wasn’t cool. Not at all.

That night a few of us went out in Koh Samui and long story short, one of the girls got a Chang bottle thrown to her head, we took her to hospital where she had to have stitches. As I was sat in the waiting room I felt my ear and it was all blistered. I thought they’d magically disappear by the morning. Sadly not.¬†We travelled to Koh Tao the next day so thankfully I was out of the sun for most of it.

We went for drinks on Sairee Beach that evening and the sunset was amazing, the bars were quite vibey too.

The morning after I woke up and headed straight to the pharmacy because my ear wasn’t looking or feeling great. The doctor said it was second-degree sunburn (gahhhhh), he gave me some tablets and told me to keep my ear covered. The bandage wasn’t subtle at all but obviously I owned it. That day we were going on a snorkelling trip to see turtles, I wasn’t able to snorkel because I couldn’t get my ear wet so I was gutted.¬†I sat on the boat and caught some rays instead. The bandage gave me a lovely looking tanline too.

There’s more…

I had an allergic reaction to the tablets that the doctor gave me and the sunburn got infected. Yaaas. I got given antibiotics and some cream from the pharmacist when I got back to Bangkok, when travelling back from Koh Tao I stayed in Bangkok for a couple of nights with one of the girls I’d met before heading home. AND THEN, I took my nail polish off to find that one of my toe nails was coming off. Brilliant.¬†Too many injuries for one gal! I had to laugh through it else I would have continued to cry for days.

I fell in love with Koh Tao. I wish I could have stayed longer and I also wish my ear situation didn’t happen but hey ho. Both Koh Tao and Koh Samui were quiet in comparison to Koh Phangnan but I liked that, it was nice to be in calmer surroundings for the last leg of our trip. We had a good night out in Koh Tao, in Koh Samui I remember us walking for a while to find a bar we were all into but there were quite a few to choose from.

I had the time of my life in Thailand. I met some amazing people, visited the most beautiful places, got my first tattoo, ate my first and only scorpion, had more injuries in a 3 week period than ever in my life, witnessed numerous gorgeous sunsets, climbed up to a few view points and lived my best life for 3 whole weeks.

I can’t wait to plan my next adventure!

Lots of love






Now then, I don’t like to throw around the word hate like confetti buuuuuut I hated Koh Phi Phi.

Prepare yourself for a bit of a sassy, negative post.

Following a scary af boat journey, I arrived into Koh Phi Phi and instantly wasn’t a fan. I accepted that I felt poorly from the journey, I was hungover and had a lil sunstroke so for the time being I put it down to me just being ratty and impatient.

Once we dropped our bags I headed out for food with one of the girls I’d met. Food solves everything, right!? I felt exhausted from the morning so I headed back to my room afterwards and slept. When I woke up and saw that it was getting dark out I was annoyed that I’d missed out on an afternoon in Phi Phi. Turns out there wasn’t much to miss at all.

I went out for food and a few drinks down the beach that night with a few of the people from my group, the evening was nice and chilled.¬†The following morning I went for breakfast and a mooch around some shops before heading out on a snorkelling and kayaking trip in the afternoon. There are some lovely shops but don’t expect to find a bargain, the shopkeepers won’t really knock their prices. The food isn’t much to rave about either,¬†I’ve read mixed reviews about Phi Phi but all say that the food as a whole on the island isn’t that great. Comparing the food here to the food on the other islands, I’d agree.

We went to Monkey Island and Bamboo Island on our trip that afternoon, both were lovely. Monkey Island was dead cute, you couldn’t leave anything on shore because the monkeys are little sh*ts. Adorable though. Unfortunately we weren’t able to visit Maya Bay on this trip as it’s closed this year between June and September¬†to mend years of environmental damage, according to The Guardian 5,000 people visited Maya Bay daily.

To say I didn’t think much of Phi Phi, it was the place where I got my first tattoo! Some of the girls found a lovely looking tattoo studio (Skull tattoo studio), I checked them out on Instagram beforehand and I went with girls who had tattoos done previously so they could spot any red flags! I got good vibes from the place so I went with it.

‘Go with the flow of it all. Trust the universe, trust that everything happens for a reason, trust that you are exactly where you’re meant to be in your life. Ride that wave.’

To summarize, other islands have better beaches, better parties, better prices. Koh Phi Phi was overpriced and overcrowded.

Next it was time to head over to Koh Phangan for the famous Full Moon Party!

Lots of love





We left the hustle and bustle of Bangkok behind and arrived on Railay Beach, which is what I can only describe as paradise with it’s white beaches, clear seas and limestone cliffs.

On our first evening here we headed to Phra Nang beach to watch the sunset, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. I felt so relaxed, Bangkok seemed a distant memory.¬†We stayed at the Railay Viewpoint Resort on Railay East, we had cute two-story huts and there was one one room on each floor. It was lovely accommodation, for ¬£11 a night too – bargain! There’s lots of restaurants and choices of accommodation on Railay East, it doesn’t have a proper beach but Railay isn’t that big so it’s not a long walk at all to¬†Phra Nang beach.

Throughout the trip we took countless boats to and from and around the islands. The following day we headed to Koh Poda, Tup Island and Chicken Island. All were gorj but Koh Poda was my fave, before the rain came down!

Chicken Island – There’s colourful long-tail boats everywhere

Limestone cliffs at Phra Nang beach

The second night in Railay me and a few of the others in the group went out and ended up out out, Railay isn’t really a party place but there’s a few decent bars on Railay East. I lost my English SIM card (which is where the bad luck began) and woke up having about 2 hours sleep, before having to get a boat to Koh Phi Phi – rookie move. As we were on the boat a storm came in hard and it was major scary, it felt like something from my nightmares. I felt poorly as it was but the seasickness did me in, I think the journey was just under 2 hours but I completely lost sense of time on that boat. TIP: If you go to Thailand in the rainy season, don’t forget your travel bands and tablets!

I was sad to leave Railay Beach but I was so relieved when we got off the boat at Koh Phi Phi, for a short while anyway, more about that in my next post.

Lotsa love






In June I took off on a little adventure to Thailand for just under 3 weeks, I went solo but booked a group tour through a company called Real Gap so I wasn’t totally on my own.

First stop was the most humid city I have ever been to, Bangkok; the humidity smacked me right in the face as soon as I got out the airport and I could feel my hair going insane, imagine Monica in Barbados (if you know, you know). That night I mingled with the rest of the group, we hit a few bars down Khao San Road, I ate a scorpion for what was the first and definitely the last time.

We did some exploring in Bangkok the following day, took a canal boat down the river and visited two temples; Wat Kalayanamitr and Wat Pho. After a little exploring we took a 3 hour coach journey to Kanchanaburi where we stayed the night in accommodation which was in the middle of nowhere surrounded by lizards and cockroaches, never again!

After a very restless sleep, we went to Elephant Haven for the day to feed, walk and bath elephants. It was amazing. THE most magical day of my life! All of the elephants at this sanctuary had previously been abused and are now living a better life. It felt so magical and it was day I hope to never forget.

Back to Bangkok we went that afternoon, then went down Khao San Road again that night and had one of my favourite nights out in Thailand!

I woke up ready to move on and get to a beach. Bangkok is a nice place but very hectic and not really my vibe, I reckon 2 nights is enough.

Next stop – Railay Beach!
Lots of love